New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management

NZQA Level 5

Become a future leader

Our New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management (NZQA Level 5) is perfect if you are seeking an entry point into the Hotel and Hospitality industry. It is designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge, our program paves the way for a seamless entry into the Hotel Industry.

As part of this comprehensive journey, you'll engage in a 6-month industry placement, gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

Looking to continue your educational journey? Our diploma seamlessly integrates with the second year of the Bachelor of Applied Hotel Management program, opening doors to further academic excellence.
Terms and Conditions do apply when taking a pathway to our Degree.

How this program can help you?

Learn by doing in our fully operational Hotel Campus

Gain an understanding of how the Food and Beverage department operates within the hotel campus. You will not be sitting in a lecture hall all day, part of your training is operational and hands on. Our restaurants and kitchen are your classrooms!

This operational training is essential to ensure you have the right experience to become a success and get your dream job.

Business and management

Being a hotel, hospitality or tourism professional means assessing different situations and making decisions quickly, ensuring the best possible experience for your guests.

The PIHMS Diploma will prepare you with the latest business/management practices allowing you to create an environment that provides an exceptional experience for your guests. Many of the skills, including; leadership, communication, critical thinking, analytical and marketing can be used in many different businesses in New Zealand and globally.

Guaranteed paid hotel jobs*

As part of our degree programme, we find you a guaranteed hotel job. We call this our Paid Industry Placement.

You get paid while you study and you will graduate with a superior qualification and valuable work experience. You will also make many industry contacts, benefiting you significantly in your future career.


For those with the travel bug - the hotel, tourism and hospitality industry will allow you to travel and work at the same time!

Don’t wait until you graduate. Travel while you study on your Paid Industry Placement*

Lecturers who help you succeed

You will get to know our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly lecturers as mentors helping shape your future. They are dedicated and committed to your success.

Intake dates

Enrolment Dates 2024

  • 29th January 2024
  • 8th July 2024

Enrolment Dates 2025

  • 27th January 2025
  • 7th July 2025


1 year full-time

Vacation dates


  • 13th April 2024 - 28th April 2024
  • 6th July 2024 - 14th July 2024
  • 21st Sept 2024 - 6th October 2024
  • 14th December 2024 - Late January 2025 TBC

Entry criteria

All applicants are interviewed. Students under 17.5 will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Students are required to have NCEA Level 2 or equivalent international qualifications.

Overseas students will also require an ESOL minimum of IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 213 (comp adaptive) or 550 (written).

Learn more about the entry criteria for this Diploma here

New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 5

Course structure

How does this course help my future career?

A qualification that makes you a success

PIHMS is the only institute in New Zealand where you can gain a diploma whilst training in an actual simulated hotel and get two guaranteed paid hotel jobs.

Graduate with the right skills, knowledge and experience that employer’s need, for you to succeed. Learn more about graduation

Get your dream tourism, hotel or hospitality job

96% of PIHMS students receive employment within 3 months of graduating from PIHMS.

Have a great career

83% of PIHMS Degree graduates receive a promotion within one year of graduating.


Where can I go?

PIHMS graduates have great careers and lifestyles earning good income. There are endless career pathways in NZ and globally:

  • Hotel Management
  • Event Management
  • Destination Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Revenue Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Front Office Management
  • Business Operations
  • Sales and Conferencing
  • Air Travel
  • Cruise Ships
  • Start your own restaurant/business

Or maybe you want to make the best coffee anywhere in the world, from Dunedin to Hawaii!

Further Study

Fast track your career into senior leadership positions

Complete further study at PIHMS by pathwaying to the PIHMS Bachelor of Hotel Management.

Your Diploma grade average must be a minimum of B.


Life at the PIHMS Campus

Student life

Student life is all about working hard to set up your career and future life, but most importantly enjoying yourself while doing it.

Live, study and learn all in the same place at PIHMS  hotel campus. It is the perfect hub to stay connected with other students and make life-long friends.


For the diploma program its compulsory to live on site.  Students are the guests of our PIHMS hotel campus and are an essential part of our operational training.

 “It’s kind of like having 300 of your best mates living on the same street as you. I love it” – Richard Ear, degree student

'The skills I learned at PIHMS are highly transferrable. I’ve used them across many industries and sectors of business. But, I’ll always come back to Travel and Tourism. PIHMS has helped strengthen my emotional intelligence and leadership skills more than I know.'

Rush Pathak
Global Digital Manager - Tourism Fiji

New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management Fees

Domestic student fees

Description Year 1
Administration fee$750
Tuition fees$5,850
Course related costs$550
PIHMS course related costs$1,500
Total tuition and course fees payable to PIHMS$8,650

International student fees (NZD)

Description Level 5
Administration fee$750
Tuition fees$16,960
GST on tuition$2,540
Course related costs$550
PIHMS course related costs$1,500
Health Insurance$930
Visa and/or Variation of Conditions (VOC) per application$225
Total tuition and course fees payable to PIHMS$23,455

Accommodation and Meals

Accommodation and Meal Prices - Twin Share

Description Year 1
(21 weeks)
Year 2
(21 weeks)
Year 3
(40 weeks**)
Twin share per week$310$310$263**
Twin share total$6,510$6,510$10,500

Accommodation and Meal Prices - Single Room*

Description Year 1
(21 weeks)
Year 2
(21 weeks)
Year 3
(40 weeks)
Single room per week$410$410$363
Single room total$8,610$8,610$14,500

The accommodation price includes all meals seven days a week, bedding / towels and free Wi-Fi. Learn more about PIHMS accommodation here.

*Single rooms are subject to availability.

**This rate is based on a 40 weeks stay. The rate for students who stay less than 40 weeks is $310 twin share, $410 single room per week.

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