Paid Industry Placement

Get paid to study hotel & tourism management on your Paid Industry Placement

Set up your career for life

Become highly employable – Gain valuable, quality work experience as part of your programme.

With the PIHMS Paid Industry Placement you get the right experience ensuring you won’t be left scrambling to find a job after you graduate. Developing valuable network contacts whilst on Industry Placement will be key to your successful future.

Guaranteed job*

We will find you a guaranteed hotel job, to ensure you graduate with the right skills and experience to succeeded.

Get paid to study

You actually get paid whilst on your industry placement. Graduate without your student debt maxed out.

Set up your career for life

Become highly employable and gain valuable, quality work experience as part of your programme.

‘While I was completing my degree, I had graduate job offers from Australia, London and Auckland, from the contacts I made on industry placement’

Kyle Godden

Gain the right work experience

Work in quality hotels 3 star, 4 star, 5 star to grow and progress in your career when you graduate.

PIHMS carefully selects our partner hotels to ensure that you gain your experience from a top reputable organisation. This will allow you to learn from the best and show your future managers that you have quality work experience that they can trust.


Don’t get stuck at the bottom of the ladder

Graduate with the skills and experience that employers in New Zealand and globally are demanding.

The experience you gain on Industry Placement will mean managers will want to hire you above all other students with just a qualification.


Where can I go?

London, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Queenstown…  Our Industry Placement advisors will work closely to help determine career objectives so we can match you with a hotel and role that is the best for your career ambitions.


Mini Gap Year*

Travel while you study

Live, study and get paid to hang out in the bright lights, fast paced lifestyle of major cities, on a sunny tropical island or an intimate luxury boutique resort.

PIHMS Industry Placement team does an amazing job, with a high success rate of matching you with your dream location and role.

A life changing experience

Traveling and living in a different city or country with the comfort of a guaranteed job* is an amazing opportunity, and is absolutely life changing.

Not only is it your first important step to a successful career, but the experience will allow you to grow mentally and emotionally. This will benefit both your career and you personally.


ʻI now have friends and business contacts all around the world’

Emily De Smidt - PIHMS Graduate

Experience different cultures

Hospitality and tourism is a great industry to work in for meeting guests and co-workers from all around the world.

The cultural insight and interaction you gain on Industry Placement will open up your eyes to the different ways of life, new experiences and adventures.


Accommodation while on Industry Placement

For your Industry Placement you will likely be working in a hotel in a city outside of New Plymouth. Because of this, you will move to a new location where you will find new accommodation.

There will often be multiple students going to the same city/ town as you (often at the same hotel). Typically students live with other PIHMS students, either flatting or in staff accommodation if available.


Enquire about a PIHMS programme with Industry Placement

See if you qualify for a programme with a guaranteed job

*To be eligible for Industry Placement you must:

  • Fulfil all the requirements specified by PIHMS for the programme of study.
  • Agree to be bound by the Regulations of PIHMS (subject to amendments).
  • Tuition Fees for the Programme must be received by PIHMS on or before commencement date.
  • Due to Covid-19 additional Industry Placement conditions have been put in place.