Student Life

The PIHMS hotel campus is the perfect hub to stay connected with other students and make life-long friends as everything is centrally located – your classrooms, the restaurants, your bedroom and the student social spaces.

 “Living at PIHMS was like living with the biggest craziest family ever, and I loved every minute of it”

Jos Baas

Lifelong friends

Living with your soon to be best friends just down the hallway is a truly incredible experience.

‘I've made lifelong friendships because of the non-stop social life here at PIHMS. It's so much fun being able to leave your room, walk a few steps, and join a party of your closest friends talking about the newest Pokémon they've caught, or planning an out-of-the-blue expedition to Paritutu rock.’


Orientation for new students

All new students are welcomed to PIHMS during our Orientation at the start of each semester.

Orientation is a designed to help you connect with other students and PIHMS staff, get familiar with the PIHMS Hotel Campus, and to prepare yourself for study success. The orientation includes:

  • Final uniform fitting
  • Fun Day Trip (Taranaki out and about)
  • Many social activities
  • Accommodation rules and guidelines
  • Studying at PIHMS – get all the information you need before you start your study. Timetable, introduction to departments/ lecturers and useful study tips
  • Formal welcome dinner.

PIHMS student Association

The Student Association acts as the voice of all students at PIHMS to make PIHMS a fun, safe and awesome place to study.

The Student Association is run by a team of students to help make your experience at PIHMS a good one! They run events and activities to keep you active and social throughout your studies.

Participating in the Student Association is an opportunity for students to gain further leadership opportunities skills and enables them to participate proactively in the administration of PIHMS.


In addition to students organizing and managing large events as part of their course assignments, the PIHMS Student Association on behalf of the student cohort, organise anything from social gatherings/ sports events to a light hearted Easter egg hunt.

Other social events include:

  • Karaoke nights
  • Gaming nights – Both classic board games and console gaming
  • Big Day out competitive multiple sports
  • PIHMS Amazing race
  • Mini tournaments – 3vs3 basketball, pool, badminton

Sports at PIHMS

Sport is an awesome way to stay active, healthy and social throughout your study.

Social sports/ activities at PIHMS

The following activities are arranged through PIHMS and the student association:

  • Indoor and outdoor netball
  • Futsal/ Indoor soccer
  • Drop in sports in association with the YMCA NP
  • Climbing/ High ropes
  • Badminton
  • Dodge ball

Team sports

Taranaki is famous for its competitive regional sports, and has many different club sports on offer. During your studies at PIHMS, we encourage you to continue your love for your sport and join a Taranaki club team in your chosen sport, or try something new!

When you start at PIHMS, Student support will provide you information on how to join team in your chosen sport. Some of the sport teams our students can join are:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Rugby League
  • Surf Life Saving
  • Surf riders
  • Ski and snowboard
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Badminton
  • Hockey
  • Volley Ball
  • Beach Volley Ball
  • Orienteering
  • Triathlon club
  • Mountain Biking Club
  • Lawn Bowls

Activities at PIHMS

The following activities are arranged through PIHMS and the Student Association:

  • Mountain visits
  • Relay for life
  • PIHMS good sorts – assisting communities with fundraisers
  • Paid corporate catering opportunities
  • Church

New Plymouth, Taranaki

The perfect city for student life:

  • Hot summers – good climate
  • Less traffic
  • Friendly locals
  • Affordable (cheaper rent and more affordable to live than other bigger cities in New Zealand)
  • Ski, Snowboard or Hike on Mt Taranaki
  • Awesome night life –  Bars, restaurant and café
  • Shopping / Centre city shopping mall
  • Beaches & surf!

New Plymouth is known for its rugged coastline, world class surfing spots and major events


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