PIHMS Quality Assurance

The people at PIHMS work diligently, with the highest level of integrity and standards to evolve its programmes to meet a rapidly changing industry with confidence.


New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) registered qualifications

All PIHMS qualifications are NZQA registered. This ensures the quality of your qualification, and assurance it will be recognised in industries in New Zealand and internationally.

Approved NZQA Category 1 provider

This is the highest ranking that can be given by NZQA in their External Evaluation Reviews (EER) and places PIHMS amongst the top approved training providers.

A Category 1 rating means that NZQA is confident in both our educational performance and confident in our self-assessment processes.

Learn from the best Lecturers

You will get to know our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly lecturers as mentors helping shape your future. They are dedicated and committed to your success. Our lectures have a wide range of experience, which ensures what you are learning  is required by industry.

One on one training

Highly experienced lecturers provide ongoing tips and feedback improving your performance. This could be a tap on the shoulder to point you in the right direction or a one-on-one catch up.

Our lecturers take a step back and allow you to perform the tasks however, are available for support and guidance when required.

Work alongside lecturers

As you are training in a fully functioning hotel campus, you will be working alongside your lecturers. This is a great way to learn, as our lecturers take the time to provide additional advice feedback and tips.



To serve the word and be the best

Gain the right skills/ knowledge at PIHMS

PIHMS takes pride in continually monitoring and improving all programmes to ensure students are at the forefront of an ever changing industry. This ensures that teaching is relevant and will give you the skills to succeed in the industry, enabling you to stand out over graduates from other institutes.

Learn relevant and current industry practice

PIHMS receives continuous feedback from our partner hotels on an ongoing basis for every PIHMS students’ performance on Industry Placement. This provides PIHMS with an accurate measure of PIHMS students’ performance in the industry, allowing PIHMS to make continual improvements to the course content, ensuring students learning is relevant and matches ever changing demands of the industry.

Top brand partner hotels

All PIHMS partner hotels employing PIHMS students on Industry Placement need to meet our quality standards and guidelines. This ensures you will gain the right work experience from a reputable organisation.

PIHMS Industry Advisory Board

Is a group of dynamic and engaged industry leaders representing Accor, IHG, Millennium, Skycity, Hospitality New Zealand, Sudima, Craggy Range, Scenic Hotels, Tourism Industry Association (TIA) and a Maori tertiary education advisor of Ngati Maniapoto decent all committed to the success of PIHMS and its students.

Expert guidance on the future and direction of industry – PIHMS Industry Advisory Board

Their expertise on evolving trends and skills required for the future direction in the hospitality industry enables PIHMS to continually improve its curriculum, ensuring PIHMS remains at the forefront of delivering world class hotel, hospitality and tourism education and training.



To inspire and create a future in hospitality management