Hotel Campus Facilities

As a student you are the guest – staying and dining at the PIHMS Hotel Campus

Be Our Guest: La Vista Restaurant and Kitchen

Staying and dining at the PIHMS hotel campus, you are treated like a typical hotel guest by your fellow students as part of their training. Learn more about the Hotel Campus Facilities below.

La Vista Restaurant and Kitchen

La Vista is a fully functioning restaurant serving over 7,000 plates each week to PIHMS students and outside guests.

Students dine at La Vista Restaurant for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 7 days a week, enjoy either a three course dining experience, express or captains service. *During weekdays only

Not your typical student hostel food!


La Vista Bar and Barista

Refresh yourself with the mocktail of the day, or keep yourself going for some late night study with a flat white.

The bar and barista are open during lunch and dinner service.

Students over 18 are able to purchase cocktails, beer or wine during dinner service.

All meals and drinks (excluding alcohol) are included in the price of accommodation. Menu prices are for training purposes only.


Taranaki Café

Get your coffee fix in-between class. The classic student café menu is available at certain times of the year featuring the famous PIHMS toasties.

Cafē open 9am–11am and 2pm–4pm

Purchases from Taranaki Café can be paid by cash or room charge.*

*not included in the price of accommodation.


PIHMS money

PIHMS students receive a weekly pay packet (PIHMS money) to utilize when  dining in the La Vista Restaurant  (the amount indicated in the menu above).

This simulates a Hotel economy, necessary  for students training as restaurant staff and managers. It is not designed to limit your eating in any way. If you run out of PIHMS money, you won’t go hungry!

Weekend meals

To cater for student’s weekend sleeping habits, there are just two meals - Brunch and Dinner. Both are served as plated pickup style.

The famous PIHMS weekend brunch.


Room service

Room service is delivered to student’s rooms for students who are registered as sick or unwell on a particular day.

This helps students recover in their room, and to keep other students fit and healthy.

Room Service

Be Our Guest: Front Office and Hotel Rooms

Students living in the student accommodation at PIHMS check into a hotel room as a guest of the PIHMS simulated hotel campus.

Front office

As a guest of the PIHMS hotel, the student front office team are there to assist you. When you first arrive at PIHMS you will be welcomed and invited to check in at front office.

Students at PIHMS are required to check in and out at front office for training purposes every two weeks. On completion of your mock check in/ out, you will receive PIHMS pay packet (wages) to use for restaurant meals. Don’t worry, this training exercise takes less than a minute, and you won’t be changing rooms so there is no need to pack up your bags!

Part of the checkout process will be for you to pay for any charges you have put to your room, EG coffee purchases from Taranaki Café, dry-cleaning or chocolate.


Porter service

The front office porter team will ensure mail or dry-cleaning addressed to you is delivered to your room in a timely manner. If you have been on an online shopping spree or family is sending a care package of snacks to aid your late night study, you will need to sign and collect this from front office.

Room service by Housekeeping

As a guest of the PIHMS hotel, your room will be sparkling clean and serviced twice a week by our housekeeping team. Guests living in the accommodation are limited to PIHMS students.

This means your room and ensuite bathroom will be kept spick and span – cleaned, dusted and vacuumed. Your mother will sleep well at night knowing your bed will be made to perfection – with clean ironed sheets, plus you will receive fresh soft clean towels (daily if required).

If you are sick or unwell, you are required to advise the student front office team, and pre order your room service delivery for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Overnight dry-cleaning service

If you require dry-cleaning, you can simply drop off your items here at PIHMS and our student front office / housekeeping team will take care of it for you. The student porter team will deliver the returned items to your room. See prices here.

Free on-site parking

PIHMS has free parking for students, so you can save your spare change for something better! You will need to register your car with the front office team, who will allocate you a free parking permit.


Learning Centre

A useful resource hub for your academic journey. The Learning Centre offers a conducive setting for individual study or group collaboration. Explore our collection of books relevant to courses and programs offered at PIHMS, focusing on hotel, organisational, and business management.  For additional resources, including Master Theses and research outputs, visit our Learning Centre website.

Learning Centre website: Learning Centre

Close up of books on desk in library.

Student lounge

The student lounge is your place to chill in-between class or in the evenings and weekends.


Sports facilities

As a student it’s important to stay active. You can enjoy sports facilities at PIHMS for free, this includes free loan of equipment including balls or rackets.