The Changing Environment of the Industry

10 August 2022

Here’s us jumping for joy about the industry updates!

The New Zealand Hospitality sector is constantly changing, and something that has changed over the past couple of years are the salaries & wages that employees are receiving within the industry.  

Here is a snapshot of the changes and what this means for students that are currently completing their degree in hospitality, have completed their degree, or looking at the industry as a career path.  

According to Hospitality New Zealand here are the hard facts! 

Hourly Wages:

  • The average hourly wage has risen by 8.9%, from $22.43 to $24.43 
  • The average wage within the industry is above the current Living Wage of $22.75, and the new rate from September of $23.65. 
  • Queenstown and Southern Lakes paid the most above the industry’s average hourly rate – an average of $26.55 or 8.7% above the national average. 


  • The average salary in hospitality has increased by 10.5%, from $65,654 to $72,558. 
  • Staff in taverns/pubs/gastro bars earned 6.6% higher than the average industry salary, i.e., $77,329. 
  • Northland paid the highest salary of the regions, an average of $79,731 or 9.8% above the national salary average. 

What do these changes mean?

These changes mean that the Hospitality Industry has recognised that there is a demand for staff. Hotels and Hospitality businesses have looked at the current environment and discovered that if they want staff they are going to have to adapt and meet the needs of their employees.  

The Tourism, Hospitality and Hotel Management Industry needs staff. Now is the perfect time to have a career in the Industry!!!

Hospitality wages jump 9% to pass Living Wage. Hospitality New Zealand. (2022, June 29). Retrieved August 22, 2022, from

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