Stepping out of my comfort zone and finding my place!

29 August 2023

This is an open letter to future students wanting to get into the industry!

Hello All,  

My name is Brooklyn Schicker (Brooke), I studied at PIHMS from 2019-2022 for the purposes of attaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and having assistance with the transition from a high school student to adulthood.  

PIHMS offered me a truly unique experience: Alongside learning all the practicalities of the hotel industry and gaining inside knowledge on the various class topics, I was also coached in becoming a more mature and advantageous version of myself. 

You see, while you’re focusing so much on the school aspect, you do not realise how much you also change as a person. Throughout the three years, I was coached on how to be respectful, how to speak and hold myself in a formal environment, how to react to certain situations and how to be self-sufficient in the working world. These are all invaluable lessons that I was lucky enough to learn at such a young age, through the PIHMS environment and the dedicated lecturers. 

Having gained this experience through the course, it enabled me to have the confidence and knowledge to back my career moves after completion. In the 11 months since I finished my degree, I moved to Australia by myself and went from a Hotel Guest Services Agent to a Hotel Team Leader and then all the way to my current role as the Reservations Manager for a 432-room property for Crowne Plaza Melbourne.  

My current role consists of managing all of the incoming platforms in which reservations filter through, responding to guest enquiries/complaints and running promotional campaigns. I ensure revenue for the hotel is maintained through commissions, inbound groups and daily/monthly reconciliations and best of all; I have a lovely team of four that I look after and work alongside to achieve this.  

Truth be told, applying for this job I wasn’t sure it was for me as it seemed so different from operations.  However, I could see the multitudes of pathways a position like this opened up for me and I was ready for the challenge. I have been so surprised by the challenges I have overcome, every day is just as interesting as the last and presents a new learning opportunity. Every day I am more and more thankful for the people I get to meet and all of the extra knowledge I gain. In revenue meetings with our HODs, I am able to recall Business Evaluation lessons or Management classes and apply my knowledge to real-time subjects, or when interviewing a new candidate I am able to look back on the role-playing techniques we practiced and the various management styles we learnt about at PIHMS.  

If there is anything you take from my story, please remember to take advantage of every opportunity. PIHMS is an extremely supportive community, they coach and help you to be the best version of yourself and all you have to do is show up and believe. If you believe in yourself crazy things can happen, imagine being 22 years old and sitting at tables with GMS, REV Portfolio Managers, HODs and being asked for your opinion! I attribute all of my success to seizing every opportunity I can to grow, and welcoming all criticism or advice I can get my hands on!  

Nga mihi and good luck to all,  


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