Meet Daniel McKenna, a PIHMS Degree Graduate

15 March 2022

Daniel is a 2021 graduate of the Bachelor of Applied Hospitality and Tourism Management who is currently working as the Food & Beverage Manager at Wyndham Garden in Christchurch.

Daniel McKenna – 2021 Degree Graduate and Food & Beverage Manager at Wyndham Garden.

“My time at PIHMS was some of the most exciting years of my life”

I was able to meet some amazing people from all around the world and make some lifelong friends throughout my journey. My time at PIHMS was some of the most exciting years of my life.

I was given the opportunity to travel and work all around New Zealand and even work in Australia for a while. PHIMS helped me grow my understanding of the hospitality industry and taught me a lot of life lessons that I have taken with me into the workforce after graduating.

Not only was the teaching provided at PIHMS an important part of my growth but the people who were there to teach it played an extremely important part in making me the person I am today, without the support from all the amazing lecturers at PIHMS I don’t believe I would be where I am today.

Entering the real world with confidence

Along with the teaching that PIHMS provided me with throughout my three-year journey at the school they also taught me how to present myself to employers and taught me the skills that I would need in the future as a graduate and moving out into the workforce.

Along with everything that they taught me along the way they also provided me with the opportunities to make some amazing connections all around the world, these are what helped me move into a job after graduating PIHMS. 

Progressing as a successful hotel professional

After leaving PIHMS I moved to Auckland and started to work for the Ramada suites Victoria Street as a front office Duty Manager, I spent almost 5 months in this position and during this time I not only worked just in my hotel but also assisted in the opening of two other properties, one in the Auckland Viaduct and another in Christchurch.

After helping to open the Wyndham Garden in Christchurch I knew I wanted to stay here, after informing the General Manager that I was interested in moving down to Christchurch permanently I was offered the position of Food & Beverage Manager full time.

While working as the F&B manager throughout the day I also spend time doing some work of an Operations Manager alongside my current job, this involves ensuring the smooth operation of the hotel on a day to day basis, meeting with suppliers and potential clients regarding functions and events along with spending time managing our onsite café. 

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