Meet Amika, navigating her way through the Hospitality Industry

19 May 2022

Amika is a 2021 graduate of the Bachelor of Applied Hospitality and Tourism Management. She is currently working as the Duty Manager and Marketing Assistant at Area 41 Restaurant, New Plymouth.

Amika Van Den Broek – 2021 Degree Graduate and Duty Manager & Marketing Assistant at Area 41 Restaurant.

“PIHMS has shaped and formed me into the person I have become today”

At PIHMS you learn both operational and academic knowledge of hospitality management – But for me personally, I have learnt life skills with mentors that have guided me along the way. 

The Hospitality Industry was calling her name from the very beginning

I have been working at my current job while studying for my bachelor’s degree and Postgraduate diploma. During my bachelor’s degree it taught me to utilise my skills and knowledge to become an employee that can create an experience and service to build customer loyalty. My Postgraduate Diploma taught me how to retain my employees by understanding different management styles to incorporate within the workplace and to create an environment I would enjoy being in while also being productive.

I started off as a front of house employee like many and have been supported throughout the journey to become the Duty Manager and Marketing assistant at Area 41 Restaurant.

Special moments about the industry

As cheesy as it may sound, but I enjoy the possibility of having a positive impact on someone’s day. Whether it is a simple gesture, guidance or helping them celebrate their birthdays/anniversaries or accomplishments, that smile you receive from them is what makes being in this industry all worth it.  

Having the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, their backgrounds, their stories, or memories – hearing about their day. People like to talk and listening to their stories is always enjoyable because you have learnt something new from that person.  

While PIHMS provides you with the foundation of knowledge and skills within the hospitality industry, it is for you to personally build that career for yourself however you see fit. In 5 years’, time – who knows? There are so many possibilities and opportunities within grasp, one decision could change your course and I am extremely excited for the next few years and the potential it brings. 

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