From Graduate to Hotel Services Assistant Manager & Hotel Experience Champion!

07 September 2023

Caitlin Nicol – 2022 Degree Graduate, to Hotel Services Assistant Manager & Hotel Experience Champion

PIHMS stands out from the rest!!

Graduating from PIHMS in 2022 marked the culmination of an enriching journey that extended far beyond academic pursuits. PIHMS is renowned for its holistic approach to education, and my experience there underscored how it is not just about imparting knowledge but also about nurturing students’ growth and preparing them for successful transitions into the hospitality industry.  

One of the pivotal experiences during my time at PIHMS was the opportunity to embark on an international adventure in the United Kingdom as part of my Food and Beverage placement. This unique opportunity, which came just six months into my studies, served as a testament to PIHMS’ commitment to experiential learning. The experience abroad not only reinforced my passion for the hospitality industry but also garnered glowing feedback, affirming that I had chosen the right career path. Sadly, the world faced unprecedented challenges in 2019, which curtailed my time abroad, but the resilience and adaptability I had developed at PIHMS allowed me to navigate these unexpected circumstances.  

What sets PIHMS apart is its dedicated faculty who invest time and effort in both academic and operational studies to mold each student into the best version of themselves. The guidance and mentorship provided by PIHMS instructors extends beyond the classroom, instilling in students a deep sense of professionalism and industry-specific expertise.

Life after PIHMS

Upon graduation, my aspirations led me to Australia, and here again, PIHMS proved to be an invaluable resource. PIHMS facilitated connections with the IHG Talent Manager in Australia, expediting my journey into the workforce. Even before completing my degree, I had secured a position at the Crowne Plaza Melbourne, an IHG Hotel, as a Guest Service Agent.  

It was here that I truly thrived, thanks to the skills and knowledge instilled in me at PIHMS.  

Within just six months of joining the Crowne Plaza Melbourne, I was recognized for my exceptional performance and promoted to the position of Front Office Team Leader. Furthermore, I had the privilege of participating in the prestigious IHG High Potentials Program, a testament to PIHMS’ focus on developing leadership potential in its graduates. In February 2023, I received a nomination for the Front Office Services Of The Year Award for Victoria, Australia, an achievement that reflects the high standards of excellence PIHMS imparts to its students.  

My journey at Crowne Plaza Melbourne did not stop there. In two months as a Team Leader, I was promoted again, this time to Hotel Services Assistant Manager and Hotel Experience Champion. In this role, I oversee the day-to-day operations of a 432-room hotel in the bustling city of Melbourne, managing a team of 25 dedicated staff members. This rapid career progression, from a fresh graduate to an Assistant Manager, speaks volumes about the skills and knowledge I acquired at PIHMS.  

My story is a testament to the enduring value of a PIHMS education, as the skills learned here are not just relevant within the hospitality sector but are also transferable to diverse industries, ensuring that graduates can excel wherever their ambitions may take them. 

PIHMS equipped me not only with the academic foundation but also with the practical skills, industry insights, and a global network that have been instrumental in my professional success. The transferrable skills I gained, such as effective communication, problem-solving, leadership, and adaptability, have been essential in my journey from a hospitality enthusiast to a Hotel Services Assistant Manager in one of Australia’s vibrant cities.  

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