Flash Back Friday Lunch Service

01 March 2022

Last Friday, 25th of February, our senior students showed the new first year students what Food Service Management was all about. Our third-year students are in the last 6 months of their degree. They have already gained at least one year’s experience out in industry by completing their two paid industry placements, one being centered around Food Service Management, or Food and Beverage, so they are experienced and know what they are doing! 

They came together to show the new intake, how it is done and how you can grow over the three years that you are at PIHMS. The students created the lunch and cocktail menu. With the help of our awesome lecturers the students cooked and prepared the food and pulled off an awesome lunch service.  

The kitchen team produced a delicious lunch menu. Entrée gave you the option of choosing between a prawn cocktail or bruschetta, both options being tasty. The main options and sides were delicious. You could pick between stuffed Chicken Breast with mushroom sauce and potato croquettes, Pork Bao Bun with stir fry vegetables, or a Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with potato croquettes. The Stuffed Chicken Breast was amazing, and the sides of garlic bread and wedges were even better. The cocktails were made fresh, in front of the students’ and staff dining in for lunch. Dessert was pumpkin pie and paired with the Peppermint Punch cocktail, was a perfect combination and a wonderful way to end the meal.  

The Year three students worked really hard, and it showed. Some of the students who are not working in a food and beverage role said once they got back into how the restaurant worked, all their PIHMS training came back. It really was great to see the students taking food orders, shaking cocktails, and running their food orders as if nothing had changed from when they were in their first year. Watching the meals get plated and the effort and precision that was put into each dish really did show when it hit the table. The cocktails that were created specifically for this lunch were great and getting to watch them being made from our table was even better.  

The event itself really was a flash back. These senior students have really grown into some incredible hospitality super stars, and we cannot wait to see where they will end up once they have graduated with their degree.

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